Thursday, March 31, 2016

State Project: Massachusetts

Note: Massachusetts? Iowa? Nebraska? Idaho? These names. After awhile they all sound stupid.

Back to Massachusetts, which has far too many extraneous letters. My resident dyslexic would have a fit.

Massachusetts is phone calls from the hotel, where Bixby is spending a week doing some sort of work for someone.

I work a job from the Coloring Book of Jobs. I'm a teacher. My dad was a nurse, and now is an accountant. Teachers all around me. I know construction workers and carpenters and mechanics and social workers (a lot of social workers in fact). But Bixby? His job doesn't have a page. It's like the last page in the back of the Coloring Book of Jobs, with a mirror outline and the words, "What are you going to be?" And he's never actually drawn in what it is. He has one. He just hasn't been able to explain it to me in a way that can make me understand, love, care, and extrapolate about all at the same time.

Back to Massachusetts, I keep thinking that one year we will just drive up there and knock all those states out in one fell swoop.

But we haven't done it yet.

Have I been to Massachusetts? Nope. Can't even spell it consistently without correction.


  1. Do let me know when you're knocking them all off.

  2. You'll have to knock them all off and do a tour of bloggers' residences too!