Tuesday, March 29, 2016

State Project: Kentucky

Kentucky is driving back and forth between Bixby's parents house and the hospital where his dad is being treated for a broken neck. Kentucky is calling my dad and asking me his unofficial opinion about how bad it's going to be. Luckily Terry was wrong.

Kentucky is pulling over to a fork in the road to let Bix's brother, who isn't even a teenager yet at the time, throw up on the side of the road. Every single time I drive the two of them to the hospital.

Kentucky is a quilt show.

Kentucky is stopping for lunch on the way home from the Smokies with the girl scouts, and a woman telling me that my daughter wasn't sitting modestly enough.

Kentucky is a national park with a mammoth cave and with a visitor population that left me scratching my head. And realizing that we're a bunch of national park junkies and they were tourists. Say it with a sneer.

Kentucky is a Shaker Village that made my mind feel like it was being resorted and stacked up neatly like a dry stone wall.

Have I been to Kentucky? Yes.

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