Saturday, March 26, 2016

State Project: Idaho

Idaho is surrounded by states I know: Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, and so forth. So I can make assumptions about what Idaho might be.

Idaho is a movie about Native American teenagers in mourning. Or a movie about a gay hustler with narcolepsy. Either way.

Idaho feels like isolation and disconnection. I was within a half hour of Idaho, could have scratched it off my list, but I just. Didn't.

I might have actually been to Idaho; I think on a trip out west we visited my brother's godmother's family.

But it might have been Wyoming.

Either way, I was under the age of 2 when it happened.

Have I been to Idaho? I can't say I have.


  1. I've only recently discovered where Idaho is on the map! I always just pictured it right in the middle. That's about all I know about Idaho!