Monday, March 21, 2016

State Project: Colorado

Colorado is the reward after crossing Kansas in a minivan all day long.

Colorado is the highest road in America, having Bixby drive because there was no way Bixby wasn't going to drive.

Colorado is aspen trees, which mean more to me than perhaps to other people, but it is aspen trees sticking together, resistant to fire, the cousin to the bottomland cottonwood blowing in the breeze, but aspens shake and quiver and look afraid but have courage.

Colorado is strong girls on strong hikes.

Nothing bad has ever happened to me in Colorado. Nothing sad or scary (except that highest road in American through the national park of course).

I have a sweetness for this state and its mountains.

Have I been to Colorado? Many times.


  1. It's on my must-visit list. It looks gorgeous.

  2. I love aspens. I love to watch them and listen to them. And I love the photo of your daughters.