Friday, March 25, 2016

State Project: Hawaii

Hawaii is far away.

Hawaii is a mystery. It is volcanoes and beaches and sunken ships named for other states.

Hawaii is my favorite philosopher typing out a manuscript in a boat tethered to a pier. Writing to me, about thermodynamics. Making me believe in God again.

Hawaii is Pacific, makes me think about aircraft carries and my uncle's tattoos, and they didn't even come from Hawaii.

Hawaii is other people's vacations. We don't fly. At least, not yet. Too much to see within driving range right now. Too many people to corral.

Have I ever been to Hawaii? No, I haven't. But I could go.


  1. I've been. It got me wondering. I wonder if it's closer to me or to you? I think it's about nine hours from Auckland. We went on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day, rented a red mustang convertible and drove it around the island (Oahu).