Sunday, March 27, 2016

State Project: Indiana

Indiana is on the way.

Indiana is on the way to a Toledo wedding I was a +1 for. Bixby was in the wedding of a high school friend. We had recently gotten married and we drove together through Indiana.

After the ridiculous wedding, we drove home through Indiana again and had lunch in Indianapolis.

Indiana is on the way to Michigan where we met the Other Mary's family and participated in the amusing subculture of small-scale home-built trains.

After that interesting weekend, we drove home through Indiana again and didn't stop, since we were on our way through Chicago and stopped there instead.

Indiana leaves no impression on me. It feels like Illinois Light. That's not fair to Indiana, of course but I have nothing to put my hands on and hold.

Indiana may be on the way, but have I been to it? Kind of.

NEW HARMONY. How could I forget New Harmony?

It is solved by walking. A town full of labyrinths and open air churches and weird defunct  utopian societies. I wasn't thinking.

I have totally been to Indiana.


  1. New Harmony, IN in southern Indiana is your kind of week end. In northern IN there are the Indiana Dunes. They are living dunes, which mean they move and they are huge. In the middle is Indianapolis. Home to cousins on your dad's side. And northwest of there is where your cousin, Gina, and her family live. So, there's lots in Indiana, but you never stop to look because you are always headed somewhere else. There is also a lovely Children's Museum in Indianapolis.
    See what you missed while driving through?

    1. I feel terrible. I forgot New Harmony. That was this summer. I LOVE NEW HARMONY.

  2. One of my first internet friends was from Indiana. Though she's since moved to NC. I remember the West Wing episode about the different time zones in Indiana. That's the main thing I know!