Tuesday, March 22, 2016

State Project: Delaware

Delaware is known only to me because my grandmother would sing that song by Perry Como, Oh, what would Delaware?

Midatlantic and New England states are a mystery to me. I am so midwestern. At least I have aspirations to places like Maine and Vermont; I have relatives in Maryland.

So boring, thinking about Delaware.

Have I been to Delaware? No.


  1. I was wondering if you had relatives in Maryland.

  2. At my school in Bangkok there were two Americans. One was from Delaware, and 16 years after saying goodbye to her we met again in Delaware. I've visited her several times - in summer, fall, and winter - when I was in DC for business. Another AFS friend meet us there once, though she's now moved to Vermont. I feel a connection to Delaware. It's where I first had Chesapeake Bay crab, pumpkin pie, and a Sloppy Joe, and saw some order Bacon and eggs with a side of pancakes - or was it the other way round?