Wednesday, March 30, 2016

State Project: Maryland

Maryland is a mid-Atlantic state that contains Baltimore. Oftentimes I have heard that St. Louis is a lot like Baltimore. I don't know if that's true. I can't imagine many places being a lot like St. Louis. Or a lot like anything. Having been to many cities, I never look around and think, "whoa, now where am I?"

Maryland is where my aunt lives. I sat across from her in the bar a few years back and thought to myself, I am looking in a sort of mirror into the future right now. Having spent nearly no time with relatives growing up, this is always a little disconcerting. And comforting. A link to someone like me, perhaps.

Maryland is connected to me now on Facebook, which I stay on pretty much 99% of the reason is to stay in contact with my aunts.

Maryland is where emails come from when I have questions about genealogy. Especially when those questions feel tricky, too tricky to ask people here.

Maryland is sitting across from me at another aunt's house and telling me, essentially, "oh honey, let me tell you how it is." And it being exactly how she says.

Have I been to Maryland? No, but Maryland has been here.


  1. You've got to come to Maryland if only because we have Blue Crabs, The oldest state house in continuous use in the U.S.A. The place where the Catholic Church in America was founded. A saint's home. The U.S. Naval Academy, Bal'mer Inner Harbor. Oh yeah and we're close to the Nation's capitol city. Be we are only like STL in weather (but usually not as cold in the winter). And I haven't even mentioned southern Maryland or the Eastern Shore and Ocean City. Or western Maryland and the mountains and the C&O canal. You have to come to Maryland since Maryland has been to you.

  2. Is Kay Ford your aunt? And if so, is she related to Charles Ford in North East? (I lived in Maryland a long time and only recently even heard of North East.) Love the photo.

    1. She's from St. Louis as are her in-laws-although some are from Tennessee. She's only in Maryland because that's where her husband has his secret job at a major university facility buried in MD behind tall chain linked fences....Yes, that kind of secret job. :)

  3. I don't think so; I believe her in laws are from Indiana. And Kay, yes, I should come to Maryland.

  4. Yes you should come to Maryland. We probably have bookstores. DC has a great one only 15 minutes from my house. Baltimore is a cool city.