Tuesday, March 22, 2016

State Project: Florida

Florida is standing on a national seashore looking east to where the ocean meets the sky on a lonely January day. We're not beach people, even though I kind of am, growing up on the gulf a bit, but I don't think "beach" when I dream of vacations. Standing on the seashore looking out at a gray green line, though, was my kind of beach moment.

Florida is driving up the coast and seeing the space shuttle, getting ready for its last launch. Thinking about Bixby and his heart and glad we saw it.

Florida is sharing a condo with my family and some family friends who'd driven down from St. Louis to meet us there. Florida is an easy vacation when you live in Georgia. It was a good week.

Florida is my mother-in-law taking us to Disneyworld when Bixby and I were engaged. Two vanloads of us. It was strange to be adults in Disneyworld without children in tow.

As a child, it was an interesting experience, although I never wished upon a star to go there specifically.

As a parent, our one trip there was about as perfect as a Disney vacation could be, and therefore we will not go back.

Florida is more than Disney, though. Or less, as the case may be.

Have I been to Florida? Yes.


  1. I grew up near the ocean - ie I could hear it at night. So I do often think "beach" when I think of vacations. But Florida - I think there's probably more to explore there. I have a great friend who lives there - I visited her once for a weekend after working in DC. I want to go back with my husband.