Monday, March 28, 2016

State Project: Iowa

Iowa is a friend who needed to finish up a semester of college she left hanging when she followed a boyfriend down to our town. They wound up breaking up (girls, note, following a boyfriend against your better interest is rarely a good idea) and ten years went by.

Iowa is packing up my car with her stuff and driving her to college, which was a weird parental thing to do considering that she was 6 years older than I was. But I'm always kind of parentaling around with people.

Iowa is a cute little town filled with pristine houses and well-maintained yards. The streets were very clean.

Iowa is driving back up there at the end of the semester to bring her home, a graduate.

Iowa is her asking me if we will still be friends if she breaks up with the current boy (not the boy she followed from before).

Iowa is my mental calculus on how to do that right.

Iowa is doing that wrong.

Have I been to Iowa? Yes.

1 comment:

  1. Iowa will ALWAYS be home for me. It is a place I will constantly aspire to return to.