Monday, April 11, 2016

State Project: Washington

Washington is across from where we were. We were traveling, Bix and I, for our 15th anniversary. We went to Portland. It was a head-scratcher for me. Portland? But Bixby has good ideas and Portland was perfect. We had a nice time, and the last night we were there, we visited Washington. Crossed the Columbia River and had dinner in Washington. I couldn't tell you where.

We were also staying on Bixby's hotel points the whole trip, so we stayed the night in Washington to make it for real. I really was there. I didn't just cross a river and kiss the ground and claim it for my own.

But I feel a little bit ashamed to say I've been there. I've seen nothing there, I haven't walked the earth there, I haven't truly seen Washington.

I have been to Oregon. I have hiked there. I have been to California. I have hiked there. It isn't the only thing that means I have been there, of course, although...there are few states I have on my "yes" list that don't also involve a hike, interestingly enough. Iowa. Haven't hiked there. So there's one. And I feel like I've been to Iowa.

But I feel a little sneaky about Washington. All I've done is eat a meal with my husband and sleep in a hotel room. I'm cheating it. I should try again.

Have I been to Washington? Technically yes.


  1. I know that sneaky feeling. Sometimes it counts, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it feels like cheating, but still.

  2. Sleeping there = not really cheating. Mali has ruled.