Sunday, April 10, 2016

State Project: South Dakota

South Dakota is a boomtown. It is right angles all over, roads and counties and edges. South Dakota is an endless highway of signs for Mt. Rushmore and Wall Drug and getting slap-happy as we drive across it, forever west, threatening our children with a trip to Wall Drug if they don't behave.

South Dakota is the Badlands. Aptly named national park.

South Dakota is cold morning by a lake and hot afternoon in a place where, if I let it, it would make me lose my mind. A bewildering blind alley overpowering the unaware.

South Dakota could crumble under your feet. South Dakota is a facade. It is danger hidden in the featureless folds of the prairie.

South Dakota is getting in the truck afterwards, eating olives out of the jar and looking out at the sunset get enveloped by a thunderstorm.
South Dakota, it's grim.

Have I been to South Dakota? Yep.


  1. I swear when I look at that last photo that I feel as if I'm moving through it.

    It looks flat. I can't imagine it is fun driving through it. But thanks for doing that for me, because now I know about Wall Drug! (I googled it.)