Monday, April 4, 2016

State Project: New Hampshire and New Jersey

New Hampshire is Live Free or Die. I think about this, and wonder about people who live in New Hampshire. Is this really how it is there? Do people really live free or die?

New Hampshire is, again, part of a cardboard puzzle, connected to Vermont. I have so much to say about Vermont.

New Hampshire, beyond its motto, has very little connection to me. It seems so strange that I have no impression beyond a curiosity about how the people of New Hampshire live, more free than those of us in the Show-Me State.

Have I been to New Hampshire? No.

New Jersey, like most of New England and the Mid-Atlantic, are not on my radar. I have no reference for them beyond popular culture. Even then, not so much.

New Jersey. Anything I would say would feel tired and overdone.

Have I been to New Jersey? No.


  1. New Hampshire doesn't tax earned income. That may be about as free as they get. Up here the joke is Live Freeze and Die.

  2. We went to New Jersey on the advice of a friend in DC. Go to Cape May, she said, and so we did. It was lovely. We went to Ocean City (I think) and walked a boardwalk on the basis of my memories of an AFS friend talking about her summers there. Then we drove through Atlantic City, which was ghastly! So I have good and bad memories of NJ.