Monday, April 18, 2016

Nets casted.

This year has been my year of casting my nets into deep water. I thought it meant looking for a job. I really did. I thought, ok, I'll get that certification and I'll bail.

But it turns out it isn't about that. I did get that certification. I proved how smart I was, yet again. At work, though, my year has been more about casting my nets into the waters of these classes of mine and coming up with connections to students who have no connections. Casting my nets wide, with an eye towards what is coming, I can teach math more broadly and deeply. Oh, and I can write back and forth in journals with 6th graders who are just starting to cast their own nets out into the world.

And in my personal life? This winter I was Peter standing on the shore, lost and directionless and deciding to go fishing, to go back to something familiar, and yet frightening to think about just starting over.

I have gone out into deep water, beyond my normal bounds, with my bowlines tied tight, and I have cast my nets into a sea of maybe, hey, let's go out, I think I need to do something new and maybe we should do something new together.

I have drawn up more love than I can hold.