Wednesday, April 6, 2016

State Project: Ohio

Ohio is being a plus-one for a wedding I don't care about. Bix is in the wedding and we've been married a year or two. Ohio is being able to ask, "Toledo, really?" and not have any actual reference point for that except reruns of MASH.

Ohio is oddly crowded and oddly rural.

Ohio is that wedding, at which I was socially awkward and left on my own during the whole "wedding party get on the bus and take pictures all day" traditional pause in the action.

So Ohio is an afternoon at the art museum alone.

I don't spend a lot of time alone, ever, teaching and family and neighbors and friends. An afternoon alone at an art museum makes me feel like the sort of person people look at and wonder about why on earth they would be alone at an art museum. I don't do the contemplative stroll very well, and certainly not back then. I have aged well.

Ohio is before cell phones, so no "omg i cant believe we r still taking pix" from Bixby. Just silence and oh my goodness Dale Fucking Chihuly exhibit.

Ohio was a tiny little surprise. Like a card in the mail from a friend. A one-eyed glassblower friend I'd never heard of. So that was nice.

Have I been to Ohio? Yes.


  1. This one intrigues me, and I'm so impressed that you took off and did something else during the lull. I spend soooooo much time alone, but the good news is, I'm comfortable with it. This week I went to Broadway shows alone—first time I've done that. No problem!

  2. Ooh, I loved this one. I am very happy (I prefer it) to be at an art gallery alone. Also, Toledo and MASH. Yes.