Thursday, April 14, 2016

Right Now

An occasionally recurring post.

Right now my pre-algebra class is struggling with exponent rules, which I refer to as a big ole bowl of kale. It might be good for you but it's a terrible thing to have to eat. The struggle is real. But it's good.

Right now my desk is a crazy mess of papers to be handed back but I have a hard time handing them back because they all go straight to the recycle bin. No matter what they are.

Right now I'm playing some mental games to get through to my break next period. I need some ibuprofen and maybe go sit outside a minute and breathe because

right now I'm just kind of having a hard day and I'm going to say it.

Right now the somewhat depressed 7th grade girl comes over for help and smiles when it works out.

Right now all the darts on my magnetic dartboard are on the bullseye.

Right now I am trying not to think about the curriculum meeting I get to have on Friday and run/not run with my boss.

Right now I'm pretty chill in the building though because said boss is at a meeting off site. I can feel the relaxation. She's not a bad boss by any means. It's just an easier place sometimes.

Right now I'm glad I teach math.

Right now I need to process but I'm teaching math instead.

Right now I am thinking this venti quad latte might not be enough caffeine.

Right now it is hard not to bolt into the wild.

Right now I'm teaching math.

right now I'm teaching math.


That's all that's happening right now. And I am damned good at it. So that's enough for right now.


  1. Nice. I love kale. But exponent rules...?

  2. Is that a new tat that I missed?
    Also, I love your "right now" series of posts. Occasionally I might copy you.

    Sigh. I'm so behind in my commenting. But I'm not giving up!