Friday, May 20, 2016

What I learned in math this year

Each year my 8th grade math students fill out a self-reflection and a sort of review of my class. Here are some answers.

Name three things you learned this year in math class that you did not know before:
*how to find free throw percentages
*don't listen to strangers
*how to graph a line
*"central" means "in the center"
*You weren't a model student in high school
*a lot of what they teach in grade school does not apply to real life (you admitted it! No one else ever has!)
*tattoos on the breastbone are really really painful, but surprisingly, feet are not.
*Never go on a snipe hunt
*Algebra I isn't going to be so bad.


  1. Those are really funny! And sweet.

  2. Excellent. (Although I do go out to listen for REAL snipe.)