Thursday, May 5, 2016

Right now (a semi-regular recurring post)

Right now I have three minutes left to my break and then it will be lunch time. This both makes me love Thursdays and hate Thursdays. I do best with a break from 1:20-2:00. Having a break on top of lunch is a nice stretch for my brain but it makes for a long afternoon.

Right now I'm staring out my window at the clear blue sky and watching a rabbit eat clover. We have named the rabbit Gerald. My students, being middle schoolers and therefore still children, see Gerald and call out his name and everyone runs to the window. It is May. So this is fine. Call it a brain break.

Right now I'm starting to divide up my homeroom and my partner's homeroom for next year. She is leaving and I'm disappointed about this but on the other hand I like power so I get to make all the decisions and that's fine. 

Right now I'm hoping that her replacement, and the 7th grade teacher's replacement, prove to be as good as my principal's other hires. She's done well in that department. And I got to help hire my partner, which I know is a huge thing and says a lot about what she thinks of me and my opinion. Like my friend Trisha said, I could make a place for myself here. And I am. I just wish they could pay me enough to stay awhile.

Right now April is over and so I might eat in the lounge. I might. We ordered Chinese food. I could suck it up. But I like watching youtube videos and texting friends, too. I will probably eat at my desk.

Right now the bell rings and my homeroom comes in and sits. We pray together. They go outside. I wonder if the Chinese delivery guy has arrived yet. For some reason, we always order on Thursdays, which means I make the phone call (during that break that just ended) and I collect the money and I pay him. He got a 20% tip today and I pocketed the rest. Because in the end I'm probably not a very good person? But a 20% delivery tip seems fair. Maybe we need to renegotiate the total for lunch. And then I can be a good person.

Right now I'm counting the minutes, hours, days...

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  1. I can't believe I'm only reading this now - when the minutes, hours, days have been counted down, and then counted up (up?) again, and it's all started all again.