Monday, June 15, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things on my bucket list for summer

Summer is underway here; kids are out of school and I just finished up my last tasks at my job for the year. I sit here and write while Niles and his friend Jay play Lego Starwars and hop around my living room. Anyone who says video games are sedentary activities has never watched Niles play.

So ten things I want to get done this summer? Hmm. The last two summers have belonged to other people; this one belongs to me.

1. I want a new porch. My father-in-law is the contractor and we've been planning this for years. It should happen this summer. He's had some health setbacks but while he was at home recuperating, he produced some drawings. So I'm hopeful still.

2. Garden. God Bless America my yard is a mess. I worked on it this weekend a bit and one of my students gave me an astonishingly large gift card to home depot so I picked up some plants and it came to...nothing out of pocket. It's supposed to thunderstorm the rest of the week so we'll see what I get done. The pool is up, though, and most of the yard has been weeded. So that's a good start.

3. Basement. See a theme? Our basement is suffering from serious neglect. I got rid of the loom, finally, giving it back to Lynn. Bix has been working on the gutters, which contribute to the moist floor in the front corner. And then it's time to be ruthless. No hoarding allowed.

4. Now for fun stuff perhaps. I want to take my parents' pop-up somewhere away from the city for a long weekend. Don't know where yet. But need to get away.

5. The guy in charge of my writers group wants to read/critique a big chunk of the novel I'm revising. So that's something.

6. I'm knitting a bunch of squares on giant needles in order to stitch them together into a large, heavy, scratchy wool blanket. I have a large stash of yarn that I need to eat up. And I've been wanting to do this for some time.

7. I am teaching myself calculus. It makes so much more sense to a 40 year old brain than to a 19 year old brain. Wow.

8. I want to, in the same category,  create a guided notes/interactive notebook for calculus so I can stick it in my portfolio. And take a long serious look at interactive notebook activities for middle school math so I can rock this year out.

9. I'm going to run a 5K with Brooklyn. We are training right now. I haven't run since 2003. Seriously.

10. I'd like to bike a summer. The longest I've done is a 45 mile, and that was a couple of years ago. So this summer, my goal is another 45 mile ride.

I'm tired now. Just writing that makes me tired.


  1. We (me, the Girl, and DC) are working towards the 5-mile Corps of Discovery Trail race at the end of the summer if y'all want to play along ....

  2. Just reading it makes me tired! Good luck!

  3. Dang that Indigo Bunting. I just started typing "reading it makes me tired" and I saw she'd beaten me to it. It's a good list. Even getting half of that done would be a huge achievement for me. (You know I waited for our deck (porch?) for about ten years, right?!)