Friday, January 4, 2019


I am in the process of writing a story. Or a book. I guess a book. I just finished the writing and have edited it three times. It's a (barely) fictionalized memoir of my time with the young man who lived with me for two summers and how I tried hard to save him but in the end learned you can only save yourself.

I love this story but I know I'm too close to it so I keep stepping away and then coming back. This afternoon I thought to myself, "my eyes have read these words too many times and I need to find a reader who will be brutal with it."

I have no idea what to do with it now. So it sits in my google drive and I drink tea and watch the waning light of this January afternoon pass into dusk.


  1. Did you see that Mrs S advertised his manuscript assessment service on social media this morning? I don't take things as signs, but ...

    1. I don't take things as signs either except that I do! (read the header...)

  2. PS. I've just noticed your heading for your blogroll. I am honoured to be called a "Writer Friend."

  3. Did you happen to see the former Mrs. Slocombe's advertising for manuscript-reading work? It's not without cost, but here is a website:

  4. I thought I'd commented on this. Or maybe I did elsewhere? (About Mrs S's manuscript review service?) Anyway, great job on completing it. Now is the hard work of sending it out in the ether.

  5. Wow, what an accomplishment! Fingers crossed an astute publisher picks it up.