Monday, July 18, 2016

Right now (a semi-regularly recurring post)

Right now I am consuming Project Runway reruns (I've been calling it Project Rerun) at a rate of three episodes a day.

Right now I am semi-nocturnal, as is my summer pattern.

Right now I am the only one awake.

Right now my brother is in town with his family. Events are planned.

Right now I'm contemplating a new tattoo. A bowline knot.

Right now my scalp is filled with bits of plaster even though I've washed my hair twice since the wall demolition this afternoon.

Right now my left thumb hurts because I hit it with a hammer.

Right now I'm counting the days until I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon about my knee, and I'm having a hard time not feeling like I'm cheating on my nice chiropractor. But I can't carry a chiropractor in my pocket. I need to take this to the next level.

Right now I'm fantasizing about recovering from knee surgery. This is when I know I'm doing too much, when I think wistfully of my day at the hospital when I had my appendix out.

Right now I'm hoping for the best.

Right now I'm thinking about quilting. Got some projects to finish and a clean guest room. Maybe post-wall.

Right now I don't care about Pokemon Go.

Right now I keep shutting my eyes and they are so sore from plaster dust.

Right now I just want things to work. And work out. And maybe I should work out. Oh, my knee. Ok.

Just right now, this very second, I stretched my leg and my knee made an audible sound.


Right now I'm going to let life teach me how to live it. A day at a time. Plus knee.


  1. While I am sure the knee surgery, in the long run, will be worth it, I definitely wouldn't fantasize about the hospital time :-). I had to have my ACL fixed and it was a nightmare. They work you at the hospital and then physical therapy works you at home!

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm freaking out that I am not hearing about the rest of your trip but yet here it is YOUR KNEE. Yikes. I will read on. (Knee SURGERY? Yikes. Seriously.)

  3. I'll post about Carlsbad Caverns. I don't know why I didn't!