Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things I do that wouldn't make sense 20 years ago

Bixby and I will have been married for 20 years this summer. I think back to 1996 and how life was so long ago. So very long ago.

1. Even though I am not a photographer for Bon Appetit or Southern Living, I take pictures of food. Like, dinner last night kind of food, not a gingerbread house or something like that. Everyday normal deer and rice.

2. I take these photos with my phone.

3. I can view them immediately without using a darkroom.

4. I publicly post said pictures on websites for other users to enjoy and comment on.

5. On such public websites, I am friends with people from around the country and world--this isn't so odd, since I had rudimentary connections to people online back in 1996, but get this: I'm friends with dead people. Two of them.

Moving away from technology and into my real life:

6. I wash boots before I go into a cave.

7. A group of farmers tells me what to eat each week.

8. I drink milk out of glass bottles, like it's 1950.

9. I buy my bras in England.

10. I teach middle school math.

^That. That one. That one doesn't make any sense. Everything else, I think my 1996 self could extrapolate or at least accept. But that. That one was a choice, deliberately made. Huh?


  1. I love this! I might steal the idea.

    Oh, and in NZ, we drank milk out of glass bottles into the 1980s I think - definitely into the 1970s. I remember a bottle of milk then was four cents! It was shocking to us, as our last dairy cow must have died/got too old, and so we stopped having our milk out of a bucket, and started getting it in bottles. I remember feeling very sophisticated!

    I also love that ordinary, everyday food for you is deer and rice.

  2. FANTASTIC POST. I'm friends with dead people too.